TCAP Current
Issue 39 | January 2018
Whether it’s by Texas lawmakers, power grid stakeholders or energy regulators, decisions made in Austin can impact how much we pay for electric and gas service. In this month’s TCAP Current I focus on some of these recent decisions. But put on your thinking cap — as is often the case with energy policy, the backstory can be complicated.

Proposed Changes to ERCOT Mechanism Could Impact Prices

It’s called the Operating Demand Reserve Curve — ORDC for short. You can be forgiven if you’ve never heard of it. But the ORDC — which is a component of the state’s wholesale power system — made news this month … and in a way that could impact power costs.

ERCOT Acknowledges Years of Rules Violations

ERCOT, the organization that oversees the state’s power grid, inadvertently violated its own technical rules — and the violations potentially impacted power prices over several years. ERCOT acknowledged the mistakes in a recent regulatory filing.

Texas Gas Utility Bills Increase, Despite Falling Commodity Costs

Natural gas commodity prices are less than half what they were in 2004 and yet average home gas bills have gone up. How can this be? Why aren’t Texans enjoying real savings in their gas utility bills?

Texas Regulators Want Utility Rates to Reflect Tax Savings

Gas and electric ratepayers in Texas could see their utility bills go down — or at least not increase as much as they might otherwise — as a result of tax legislation recently adopted by the U.S. Congress.


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