TCAP Current
Issue 37 | October 2017

Texas Solar Growth Among Nation’s Highest

The Texas solar market is coming off its strongest financial quarter — ever — and now is positioned to overtake all other states except California within five years. But nationwide the industry’s prospects are a bit more mixed.

And Speaking of Solar Power…

Oncor Electric recently floated a proposal to assess an extra fee on residential customers with solar panels. But the utility rescinded the proposal in the face of predictably stiff opposition. El Paso Electric also recently modified a plan that would have disproportionately impacted residential customers with rooftop solar systems. Motivating both proposals is growing utility unease about potential lost revenues.

ERCOT Reports Sufficient Power

Texas should have more than enough electricity to reliably serve its needs during the upcoming winter and fall, according to two new reports from the organization that oversees the state’s primary power grid. That organization, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, also predicts the grid will remain stable despite any lingering effects from Hurricane Harvey. Those findings and more were included in two new “Seasonal Assessment of Resource Adequacy” reports from the organization.

We read through them so you don’t have to.


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