TCAP Current Issue 50
TCAP Current
Issue 50 | December 2018

The New Year is just around the corner and with it a new session of the Texas Legislature. This month’s TCAP Current includes a description of some of the bills already filed. We’ll also be tracking more bills as they flow in during the weeks and months ahead. But there’s also other big news brewing in Austin — including potential regulatory changes that could impact electricity costs. So read on…

PUC Delays Consideration of Expensive ERCOT Changes, But Debate May Continue This Week

The Texas Tribune and the Houston Chronicle in recent editions described a proposal from electric generators that could cost consumers an estimated $4 billion annually. The Public Utility Commission delayed action on the proposal during a meeting earlier this month, but could bring it up again on Thursday.

86th Texas Legislature to convene in Austin in January

Get ready — the Texas Legislature returns to Austin on Jan. 8 for its 86th Regular Session. Expect lawmakers to file thousands of bills — including more than 100 relating to the Texas energy market and its energy consumers. The vast majority of these bills will die during the session’s 140 days, but not all. And a few that reach the governor’s desk could affect how much Texans pay for electricity and gas service.


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