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Issue 44 | June 2018


Underutilized, expensive and with limited functionality, Smart Meter Texas always was meant to encourage energy-saving technology — but it never lived up to its promise.

Now, however, the state-sponsored website for electricity consumers is getting a top-to-bottom overhaul.

The Texas Public Utility Commission recently agreed to important changes to Smart Meter Texas operations and the manner in which consumers and third-party businesses access it. The result of long negotiations between consumer groups, energy services companies, PUC staff and others, the regulatory decision means a new version of the website — Smart Meter Texas 2.0 — should be up and running by 2020.

Jamie Mauldin, an attorney for the Oncor Cities Steering Committee, one of TCAP’s sister organizations, said the PUC-approved settlement agreement protects consumers’ privacy, keeps a lid on costs and supports the deregulated retail electric market.


More than $360,000 — that’s how much Texas Coalition for Affordable Power members are now receiving back in government tax refunds thanks to special investigative work by one of its expert energy consultants.

Approximately half of TCAP’s 160 political subdivision members will be receiving the latest refunds during the coming months. This is on top of the more than $11 million in other sorts of rebates returned back to TCAP cities since 2010.

Typically, third-party vendors provide the technical audit services that delivered the latest refunds. But these vendors charge steep contingency fees, with the result being much smaller refund checks back to consumers. TCAP, however, provides this extra tax refund-hunting service free of charge to its members.


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