TCAP Current Issue 49
TCAP Current
Issue 49 | November 2018

A troubling trend in the retail electric market, a potentially expensive proposal in the wholesale market and the economics of Thanksgiving turkeys — from the wonky to the absurd, this month’s TCAP Current includes it all. There’s even a bit about a certain time traveling DeLorean. But you have to keep reading to get the details.

Electricity Complaints Spike Upwards in 2018

Breaking a generally declining trend, the number of electricity-related complaints filed with Texas regulators jumped by nearly one-third during the last fiscal year and now stand at a new three-year high.

That’s one of the main take-away findings from our new report on electricity complaints, now posted on the TCAP website. All told, Texans filed 5,371 electricity-related complaints or inquiries with the Texas Public Utility Commission during the 2018 fiscal year. That marks a 28.6 percent increase from the 4,175 filed during the same September-through-August time period in 2017.

New Policy Deep Dive

Last year two Houston electric companies rolled out a report that proposed dramatic changes to the state’s wholesale power market. We’ve discussed some of their proposals previously, but haven’t yet dug into one relating to something called "marginal line losses." Why should you care about this? In a word: money.

You can get all the details in the new Policy Deep Dive article.

Thanksgiving Day Electricity Usage: An Analysis

How much power will Americans expend roasting their Thanksgiving turkeys? As it turns out, quite a lot. We’ve calculated power usage on a nationwide scale, and compared it with other power sources, both real and imaginary.


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