TCAP Current
Issue 46 | August 2018

The wind and the heat — both present challenges for the Texas power grid. In this month’s TCAP Current we discuss both, plus we touch upon taxes and a new proposal at ERCOT to change its grid operations. The issues are wonky, but important, and each could affect how much we pay for electricity.

Citing Ratepayer Risk, PUC Rejects Expensive Wind Project

Citing risks to ratepayers, the Texas PUC has withheld its approval for a key portion of a massive and expensive multi-state-wind project — a development that contributed to its cancellation.

It’s HOT! Texas Electric Usage Surges to New Records in July

Texans set repeated electricity records during a scorching heat wave in July. But ERCOT, the grid operator, was prepared. Power continued flowing without interruption and the new record usage did not come as a complete surprise to ERCOT forecasters.

Texas Regulators Consider Revamping Key ERCOT Systems

Texas regulators have begun considering a potentially major upgrade to ERCOT systems. The upgrade could cost millions up front, but also end up benefiting Texas ratepayers in the long-term — even after taking into account development costs.

Fort Worth Newspaper Calls for Action on Tax Cuts in Home Electric Bills

At the urging of cities and regulators, the state’s regulated electric utilities have committed to pass along savings from last year’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. But will home customers ever benefit? That’s the big question posed by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram in a recent editorial.


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